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Forensic Engineers Florida, Forensic Engineers Orlando, Forensic Engineers Palm Beach, structural engineers Florida.

Forensic Inspections Roof Hail damage, Roof wind damage, Floor tile damage assessment Inspections  in Florida.

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EMA is a firm of Forensic Engineers in Florida . Our Forensic engineers in Florida specializes  in Cause & Origin studies, structural engineering, forensic engineering, Roof hail damage inspections, roof wind damage inspections and hurricane damage assessment, floor tile damage claims and inspections, SB408 and sinkhole structural damage assessments, structural inspections & shop drawing review, Roof consulting, structural damage assessment, structural collapse inspections, infrared inspections, structural condition inspections , Roof Thermal imaging, electrical infrared inspections, Structural Engineering, Forensic engineering, building forensic inspections, building damage assessments etc. Structural & forensic Engineering disciplines within the firm are supervised by a Structural or Forensic engineers experienced in the area. Engineers performs, directs, and controls the document preparation in their areas of expertise.

EMA maintains close contact with our clients in order to avoid unnecessary costly expenditures on a given project. In order to control project costs, all projects are value engineered at the direction of the building owner, building developer, architects or contractor. We provide quality and unbiased reports for roof damage claims
, tile damage claims, building damage inspections and assessment, construction inspections, construction monitoring, Infrared Inspections, Electrical Infrared, Mechanical Infrared, Infrared Leaks, thermal imaging inspections, electrical thermal infrared locations using Infrared & thermal imaging, infrared scanning, infrared inspections in Florida, New York, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana.

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